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Your Guide to the Best Costa Rica Family Vacations

A family trip to Costa Rica is one of the most fun-filled vacation ideas you can think of. As family holidays go, a visit to Costa Rica offers distractions for the young and the elderly. Owing to its tropical climate, Costa Rica is a country teeming with life and color. The best family vacations in Costa Rica, therefore, include plenty of outdoor activities. These range from sand games at th...

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What You need To Know About Global Medical Tourism
medical tourism

Medical procedures can be expensive and this is why people travel abroad to get it done at a lower price. Some countries offer cheaper alternatives than their home countries which makes it a viable option for many people. The reasons to visit a foreign country to get anything from a cosmetic procedure to cardiac surgeries has given to ride to global medical tourism. However, before you boo...

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A Foreigner’s Guide to Public Health Systems in Costa Rica

When you visit another country either as a tourist, for business or other reasons, there are high chances that you might fall sick or require medical attention. In such a case you will not know what to do unless you prepared in advance and know a thing or two about the health care systems in a foreign country. Costa Rica medical care is regarded as one of the best medical systems hence the ris...

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