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Getting to know us


Our luxury concierges in Costa Rica make all the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary vacation They work out every little detail, iron out every difficulty in your way, and pull out all the stops to ensure you have a relaxed and deeply satisfying experience.

Planning Your Arrival

When you opt for our all-inclusive luxury concierge services, our preparations begin even before you arrive. Your personal concierge will work out your schedule, tailoring it to suit your specific interests and activities. They take care of your pre-arrival shopping, arrange your pick-up vehicle at the airport, and help you check in at the rental on arrival. Any questions you have, our concierges will be at hand for quick clarification.

At Your Service, Day and Night

In Costa Rica, some of your activities start early in the morning (say a trip to Manuel Antonio) and go on into the night (a visit to the casino or bar). Royal personal concierge services are available during both times of the day to help you make the most of your trip and ensure a smooth journey. Our concierge timings: Night Concierge from 7-10 pm, Night Concierge Extraordinaire from 7 pm-3 am, and Day/Night Concierge Extraordinaire from 9 am-3 pm.

Leverage the Concierge Network

Royale concierges are native Costa Ricans and experienced hospitality professionals who can empathise with your concerns as a foreigner and easily resolve them to your satisfaction. They have networks across Costa Rica, which allows them to point you in the right direction when you need a good drink or an authentic Tico meal and to connect you with the trusted service providers for your nature tours and adventures.

Leave the Logistics to Concierges

Want more quality time for yourself with your friends and loved ones? Leave the tiresome business of making reservations, booking, shopping, arranging transportation, and other stuff to your personal concierge. When you have no time to be bothered with the logistics and the endless rejigging that may sometimes be required, your personal concierge can feel truly heaven-sent as they go about tackling them with characteristic ease.

Your Special Events Coordinator

Beyond day-to-day support and guidance, our concierges become best friends for brides who have a dream wedding coming up in Costa Rica. They know how excited or high-strung you are as a bride and will get you the moon if they have to. Also, if you are on your honeymoon or travelling with your entire family on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation together, trust our concierges to rise to your needs happily.

Your Bilingual Guides in Costa

When you are visiting Costa Rica for the very first time or going somewhere new, our concierges can be your eyes and ears to everything you are as yet unfamiliar with. With our bilingual concierges, you don’t have to worry about your needs getting lost in translation. After that one experience of being looked after by concierge, you may never want to go without them again in Costa Rica. That’s how special they are.

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